WHY PerfectManager ?

Inquiry Management

MYEDUTER is programmed to have access to all management details, make inquiries, follow and get an answer related to admission and all report of the management.

Admission management
(student and staff)

It is also a program to have all details of student and staff in the institution to keep a proper record of staff and student.

Attendance management
(student and staff )

it is enabled with an attendance management system where a proper daily record of students & staff report, presence in school and assessment report are taken.

Fee Management

Manage student Fee, Generate fee receipts, manage discount, manage fee installment, check total pending fees, fee reports


Manage front, back office staff, set menu rights for staff, staff login facility.

Income and expenses

It also keeps a record of all the management expenses and income to ensure the smooth running of the institute administration.


Staff, Student & parents login from the web or mobile app, Check Profile, Fee status, attendance status, exam status, attend MCQ exams, check all reports.

Communication management
(SMS, emails, notification )

It is also enabled with a communication feature where you can send SMS to student and parent, transaction notice and fee reminder notice.


Interface Friendly Management At


MYEDUTER is one of the leading educational brands in India that provides educational app services to the Indian people. MYEDUTER develops innovative educational app that is effective, affordable and simple for its users. This is with the aim to digitize Indian education as the world is becoming technologically advanced. The goals and objectives of MYEDUTER are to see that teachers, parents, and students work collaboratively since without one party, then education for the students will not be fulfilled. The involvement of teachers and parents in this app is to instill confidence and motivation to their students and children respectively. This way, there will be an improved education system due to the effectiveness and efficiency of MYEDUTER.

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PerfectManager is affordable, efficient and effective in the management for any kind of educational institutes in India. It is one system that provides services to institute administrators, teachers, parents, and students. It provides management, administration, and schedule making it easy for any user to access any needed information. For the institute management to enhance a better system, this software will provide an app for the institute, set reasonable schedules, and help in tracking inventories and attendance of the students. Students are able to track their history, and their parents can monitor their children’s academic records, school performance reports, and attendance. The PerfectManager can be used anywhere and at any time efficiently. This aspect makes it user-friendly.


PerfectExam automatically generates question papers with their model answers with only one click*. This makes it easy for teachers and other educators to move away from the traditional methods of making students' tests to technologically having to the same with more efficiency. This software has a large database that generates unlimited question papers. It is a time saver,cost-effective and efficient customized, organized and personalized to enhance student education. It includes a board pattern that has a standard, semi-customized pattern, fully-customized questions papers.
This is a module of the software that generates exams and question papers in just a few clicks.
Available for- CBSE, SSC, ICSE Boards.

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