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Inquiry Management

MYEDUTER is programmed to have access to all management details, make inquiries, follow and get an answer related to admission and all report of the management.

Admission management
(student and staff)

It is also a program to have all details of student and staff in the institution to keep a proper record of staff and student.

Attendance management
(student and staff )

it is enabled with an attendance management system where a proper daily record of students & staff report, presence in school and assessment report are taken.

Fee Management

Manage student Fee, Generate fee receipts, manage discount, manage fee installment, check total pending fees, fee reports

Download Center

It serves as a medium where a student can easily access and download any study materials, syllabus for offline use.

Income and expenses Management

It also keeps a record of all the management expenses and income to ensure the smooth running of the institute administration.

Reports Management

It is also enabled with a report feature where all student assessment test and exam are saved, tuition statement and staff payroll.

Communication management

It is also enabled with a communication feature where you can send SMS to student and parent, transaction notice and fee reminder notice.

Academic Management

It is also programmed to produce school timetable and distribute them, assign a teacher to a particular class and also promote student after every assessment done.

Exam Management

It also enabled to produce exam questions whether online or offline exams for all level of a student.

One Mobile Application

It is an easy to use software as anybody can operate it without the difficulty of any kind.

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